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Global Basic Policy of health and safety of Calsonic Kansei

Based on the basic principle “The Health and Safety of employees takes precedence over all”, we are

committed to create the safest and most appropriate workplace in the auto-parts industry through the

participation of all employees.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

         According to Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd ‘s concern and realize that work safety can be achieved through the cooperation from all employees level, Thus the Occupational Health, Safety and Working Environment Policy is stipulated as follows.

1.The company will develop the Occupational Health, Safety and Working Environment management Systems in compliance with Laws, Global Standards and other regulations those the company applies and practice on regular and sustainable manner to cultivate safety mind in workplace among our employees, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors who’re working in the Company’s premises.

2. Working with safety is duty and responsibility for all employees.

3. Superiors at all levels must be a role model leading, supporting and encouraging their subordinates to be aware of their safety work. They must also control their subordinates, business partners, supplier, subcontractors and others to strictly follow by Occupational Health, Safety and Working Environment Regulations for maximum safety in all operating processes.

4. The company will encourage and support the participation of employees, business partners, supplier, subcontractors and visitors in the implementation of occupational health, safety and working environment practices.

5. The company realize the important of hazard identification and risk assessment to prevent any risks and environment impacts. All steps will be taken to ensure that the efficiency of risk prevention and environmental protection systems are effectively implement.

6. The company will provide the employees with relevant knowledge, skill and build up their awareness for being realize the importance of Occupational Health, Safety and Working Environment.

7. The company will provide proper resources, budget, time, personnel and relevant sources in the implementation, to ensure the efficient management of occupational health, safety and working environment systems.

8. Company will timely review, follow up and evaluate performance of occupational health, safety and working environment policy that specify in the yearly plan in order for active and achieve to targets.


Environmental Policy

1. To Comply with laws, regulations and other environmental requirements related strictly.

2. Prevent environmental problems associated with air, water, noise pollution, waste from manufacturing

     processes and energy saving to affect Environmental least.

3. Improvement in environmental management system consistently and continuously

4. Publicize this policy to employees. And those involved. To understand and reveal to the public.