CKT Learning & Development

At CKT,we have established Learning and Development programs with the objectives

  1. To develop knowledge and skills of our employees at all levels helping them reach their full potential.
  2. To equip them with the tools and skill needed in their existing roles and to prepare them for their future career advancement in the organization.
  3. The likelihood of confirming the allegation from attributable sources.

Learning and Development program consists of 3 categories of competency which focus on different development need and target groups

Core Competency - ability of all employees. It represents the work culture of the organization and help to develop the enterprise in the same direction to achieve Company’s Core Values.

Managerial Competency - capabilities in managing people and individual job responsibilities of subordinate to achieve target goals and accomplish a task, and in accordance with the strategy.

Functional Competency - the professional skills needed to execute a task to accomplish which are different by function, it can be divided into two parts such Professional Development- to enhance a professional skills by working smartly and intelligently and Specific – to develop specific skill needed in each function.

Moreover, we provided blended-learning to fit all learning styles of individual and responsibilities not only in classroom , we also promote E-learning , Self-learning , On-the-job-training , Coaching , Knowledge Sharing and so on to ensure that our people will explore value learning experience and enhance their full potential as well.