A global automotive company, inspired to be world-leading in innovation and Monozukuri, while contributing to a sustainable society.


We create the strongest world-wide automotive supplier brand by cohesively blending our diverse cultures into one dynamically agile team.

We are persistent to invest in the CK core values generating pride, passion, and loyalty in all of our team members.

World Leading Innovation
We harness creativity and a Monozukuri spirit from our team members to be first-to-market with high quality products and processes for our customers.

Sustainable Society
We are committed to be a socially responsible corporate citizen that brings value to our shareholders, communities, and team members.



The V-up program is a methodology to improve our business through utilizing and activating our wisdom and effort in our workplace from the views of Customer and Process. We define it as the very way of doing our business.


Project Type

DECIDE : Start with the issues the directly impact on performance or are critical to management of the company and use data to analyze and improve by fully utilizing world-proven effective tools.

V-CAMP : Where fundamental improvement of process (including Standard Operation Chart, roles and responsibilities, and organization) is discussed and planned intensively in a few days.

V-FAST : V-FAST improves efficiency in the workplace by quickly resolving issues through cross-functional team efforts.


CK = Calsonic Kansei    P  = Production    S  = System

CKPS : Calsonic Kansei Production System is The shop floor improvement of the Calsonic Kansei. Which has activities in various names since 1999 and the KAIZEN activities continued until the end of the year 2008 by Get the idea to the production of Nissan called the "Douki seisan" or "Synchronized Production", which the continuous production unlimited With regard to the flow of data communication system together. The flow of raw materials to produce. And developed to suit the workflow of processing units by Calsonic kansei began making serious event in the year 2009.

3 Phase of CKPS

Phase-1 Kaizen activity based on Material flow.
Phase-2 Kaizen activity based on Job flow and information.
Phase-3 Kaizen activity based on General expense flow.