Thin Aluminum Radiator

It refrigerates cooling water of power train to an appropriate temperature, and contributes to maintenance of stable driving conditions.

We realized the same performance with 25% lower thickness than the conventional 16mm. Thanks to fin molded by precision plastic processing technology for 100µm or thinner plate, we achieved the world top-level heat transfer capacity and lighter weight (10%).

Thin Condenser

It cools A/C refrigerant up to the necessary temperature, and maintains comfortable conditions inside the car.

Through a dopting newly-developed fine extrusion tube and fin molded by thin-plate plastic processing technology, we secured performance equivalent to our 16mm, and reduced weight at the same time. (Reduce weight -10% and flow resistance -20% compared with 16mm.) For extrusion tube, we also adopted new coating technology which can evenly control the zinc content, and realized high corrosion resistance.

EGR Cooler (for Gasoline Engine)

It cools high-temperature exhaust gas as a part of EGR System, increases gas volume which flowed back, and plays a role in improving fuel efficiency by reducing pumping loss and advancing the ignition timing.

Through newly-developed VG Inner Fin (*), we improved heat exchange efficiency, and realized downsizing/weight reduction (-30% compared with the competitors). With 10% higher heat transfer capacity than the competitors' one (under the same flow resistance condition), our EGR Cooler holds the top-class performance.

Motor Fan

It is an important part to exchange heat of radiator and condenser by cooling wind through cooling fan. Motor has a series of products from low-capacity (cylinder type) to high-capacity (flat type).

We adopted ring fan which was optimally designed to produce max. Efficiency in a range of operation wind speed, and realized improvement of air flow by max. 4% and reduction of noise by -3[dB-A] compared with the conventional product. In addition, by slimming front/rear lengths including motor, we reduced the weight, and improved installability to vehicle at the same time.

Charge Air Cooler (Inter Cooler)

It is a heat exchanger to improve combustion efficiency of engine by cooling compressed intake air and increasing density of intake air in engine with supercharger. By enhancing performance, it greatly contributes to improvement of fuel efficiency of engine with supercharger and high-efficiency turbo engine in recent years. For clean diesel cars, by cooling intake air and lowering combustion temperature, it also contributes to reduction of NOx.

By optimization of tube configuration and precision plastic processing technology of fin, we reduced internal pressure drop by max. 30% with the heat transfer capacity equivalent to the conventional product. This greatly contributes to improvement of car fuel efficiency and response to Diesel Vehicle Emissions Control Regulation.