Exhaust Manifold Converter

Aggregation the exhaust gas of a multi-cylinder engine. Purify harmful components generated from the engine.

Exhaust Manifold has a high heat resistance type and output type and lightweight inexpensive. It provide a world-Top class thin lightweight product design by optimization of Specification and processing thin-walled and welding technology by chug consistent communication development and thermal vibration simulation as a system supplier.

Flexible tube

Flexible tube is attached to the middle part of the exhaust system. Absorb the vibration of the engine, is a feature that does not give a vibration in the exhaust system.


Flexible tube has a high vibration absorption type and low-resonance type. Development carried out the exhaust system total vibration by vibration simulation and multi-axis (6-axis) simulator. Has developed a high-performance, high-efficiency flexible tube.


  • Bellows
    Without leakage flows from upstream to downstream exhaust gas Double Tube Thin Plate structure. Bellows absorbs the vibration amplitude to follow the direction of stretching and bending at the same time. May use the inner blade to prevent airflow sound and thermal barrier within the bellows.
  • Outer blade
    Outer blade prevents damage to bellows from road surface interference and bounting stone.
  • Protector
    Protector is fixed the outer blade to tube. As with the outer blade prevent damage to bellows from road surface interference and bounting stone.

UFC(Under Floor Converter)

UFC is the ability to purify the harmful components generated from the engine.

There is spinning converter of a simple and lightweight and press converter with priority the space efficiency. A wide range of customers in response to a request by changing the outer diameter and length this converter. Converter is a world-Top class by lightweight thin-welding technology and high speed machining.